We work in close partnership with the following organizations.

BEF Logo The Blandy Experimental Farm & State Arboretum of Virginia
Blandy Experimental Farm exists to promote this understanding through education and research on plants, plant biology, ecology, evolution, the environmental sciences, and the manner in which all of these are used and affected by humans. The three principal programs designed to achieve this mission include: (1) university research and education, (2) outreach and environmental education, and (3)the Orland E. White Arboretum (also known as the State Arboretum of Virginia).
Virginia Natural Heritage logo The Virginia Natural Heritage Program
The Natural Heritage Program represents a comprehensive effort to save Virginia’s native plant and animal life and the ecosystems upon which they depend through inventory, conservation information provision, protection and stewardship. As a member of NatureServe, the Virginia Natural Heritage Program contributes to an understanding of global biodiversity and helps to provide for the conservation and recovery of the earth’s common, and rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems.
Flora-of-Virginia-Logo The Flora of Virginia Project
The Flora of Virginia Project was undertaken in 2001 to steer the creation of the first comprehensive reference work on the native and naturalized plants of Virginia. The Project undertook a four-fold mission: (1)to produce a comprehensive manual of the plants of Virginia; (2) to provide a tool for plant identification and study by professional and avocational users, from academia, government, industry, and the public; (3) to incorporate the latest genetics-based information on evolutionary relationships, along with the best traditional taxonomic approaches; and (4) to increase appreciation of and interest in conservation of Virginia’s diverse and unique botanical heritage.